Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Charlie Brown

Since Camden was a few weeks old my brother Daniel said that he looked like Charlie Brown. His little comment spread like wildfire and soon Camden was being referred to as Chuck, Charles or simply Charlie Brown by most of our friends and family. The little nickname has seemed to have stuck.

I've never agreed with that little comment and have discouraged the use of it. I always thought Charlie Brown was kind-of dopey and in no way resembled my bright, intelligent and adorable son. With that being said, when I found this onesie I just had to buy it.

This onesie will probably not help the nickname go away...but at least he makes that little zig-zag shirt look a lot cuter.


Just Me said...

OMG! I am LOVING the onesie! Too cute! And no, that won't help the nickname go away, it only helps our case! Either way, he's ADORABLE as always! Miss you guys!

The Mellberg Family said...

He's a lot cuter than Charlie Brown.

Hey have you read about the Glade deal at Target andif your CVS still has $1.00 peelies on Altoids they are B1G1 this week so it makes them both free. You can use a coupon on a free item too. I've gotten 10 so far.

I wish we had a Kroger here, you know United isn't known for their prices.


Charlie Brown may have been a bit dopey, but he was always kind and understanding and had good intentions. Those things are important too! That said, I love the onesie! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, he is just so adorable. I love the onsie.


Anonymous said... finally caved in, chuck looks good...don't know why you didn't do it at halloween.