Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Window Watcher

Our house is a perfect little square.
Yep, all four side are the same length. (Yea for geometry!) Our house also features an inner square also know as the atrium. It's a little hard to describe but basically there set of inner windows in our house that lead to a small outside courtyard.

The base of the atrium is brick and rock lined with, now don't laugh, fake plants. We have plans to one day give this extra outdoor living space a full makeover, but until then the fake plants will stay.

Anyway, Camden loves to stand and look out the windows.
I'm not sure what he finds so interesting out there since, after all, all that's out there are bricks, rocks and fake plants but its one of his favorite places in the house.

As you can imagine, from the floor to about three feet up on the window there is nice thick coating of sticky-slobbery finger prints.
No sooner have I washed them away, they seem to make a reappearance moments later.

Just a little side note: His shirt was removed after a very messy lunch and wasn't replaced after nap...he's usually clothed. :)

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Amanda said...

what a cool house!!!