Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck The Halls

Brian and I dug out the Christmas tree, decorations and lights a few nights ago. We attempted to put the tree up while Camden was taking a nap. Attempted being the key word. He decided that he didn't want to take a nap so our decorating was cut short. We managed to assemble the tree and put the lights on but the decorations would have to wait until the following day. Camden wasn't much help while decorating. Although, he was as cute as a button.

All of the tree's decorations are new. I was tired of our blue and white decorations so I caught a good sale and purchased red, silver and gold balls that just so happen to be shiny and glittery. My favorites! :) I was tempted to purchase black ornaments to accompany my red and silver ornaments and have a Tech tree. I would have given into temptation had they had the size I needed. *sigh* Maybe next year. For this Christmas we have a beautiful red, silver and gold tree...Camden's first Christmas tree.

As for Camden and the Christmas tree...we had to create a blockade. The bench that matches our kitchen table and is usually pushed up against the kitchen island is now used as a fence to block Camden's access to the Christmas tree. We've already had to rearrange some of the ornaments close to the base of the tree so that they're out of his reach. He's able to get close enough to touch a few of the lower branches but not close enough to get a good hold on one and pull the entire tree over on top of himself.

I'm so excited to share the meaning of Christmas, gifts, sweets, songs and family traditions with Camden even though I know he won't remember or even understand what's going on. Having Camden makes me remember how magical Christmas was when I was a child and has brought some of that magic that was lost with age.

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of our exterior lights...whenever we actually get those put up. Or, should I say, Brian gets them put up. :) All we'll be missing then is cold weather and snow and then it will really feel like the Christmas season. *sigh* I suppose I'll learn to live without those two things though.
Happy Holidays!


Amanda said...

such sweet pictures!!! he is TOO cute! I love that he loves the tree so much! so sweet!

Just Me said...

I'm so proud of you already having gifts under the tree! We'll have to have a little Christmas when we come. Of course there will be gifts for Camden. And you & B too!

The Mellberg Family said...

Christmas takes on a whole new meaning once you have a child of your own. Its not about you and what you want anymore its about what you can do to make it special for them. Such a neat thing.