Monday, December 1, 2008


It's taken me a little longer than usual but I've finally managed to motivate myself to write a blog. So here it goes...

Brian's family came down to Houston for Thanksgiving. (Now keep in mind that they are from Las Vegas when I mention their mode of transportation.) They drove. Two adults, two teenagers, multiple suitcases, Christmas presents and more tools than you can count (Brian's Christmas Presents) made a straight 26 hour trip to the Bayou City. I don't enjoy being in a car more than a few hours and I don't want to imagine having to make the trip they made. I suppose it shows how much they love us! :)

We began their visit with an afternoon of rest and recovery from the drive and concluded their first full day in Houston with a seafood dinner on Kemah Boardwalk. Day two was filled with a visit to the Houston Holocaust Museum and an attempt to shop at a down town mall. (Little did we know that everything closed early due to the Thanksgiving holiday.) Brian and I have been to the museum before but were happy to have the opportunity take his family since his Dad is Jewish. It's so sad to see, read and watch what happened to innocent people and how those that survived have persevered.

Thanksgiving day was filled with food, football and a relatively lazy day. This was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner on my own and, if I do say so myself, it turned out great. We had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, broccoli and cheese, sweet potato pie, crescent rolls and pumpkin delight (my specialty). There was more than enough food to feed a small army...yea for leftovers!

Black Friday was filled with shopping. Yes, we are some of "those" crazy people who go shopping at the wee hours of the morning to snag good deals. Well, I shouldn't say we...I should say Brian and Howard. :) Brian's Mom and I waited until late morning to hop out and catch a great sale at Carter's. Camden is growing like a weed and was in need of new clothes. We caught the early bird sale and combined those great prices with a 25% off coupon I had received in an e-mail and we took home bags full of clothes for a mere $80. That may sound like a lot until I tell you that we waved over $90!! Yea for Black Friday and e-mail coupons! Now Camden has no excuse to run around half naked.

Early Saturday afternoon we said our goodbyes and saw everyone off. The week seemed to go by so quickly. Having Brian's family here made me miss my own. It's hard being away but it also makes seeing everyone that much more special when we do get together.

I hope everyone had a Thanksgiving that was full of love, family and yummy-yummy food. On to the next holiday...How many days till Christmas?


Just Me said...

I'm glad you had a nice visit! Only 12 more days till we are there! WOW, I just realized that's like really soon! I'd better get in gear! We had so much to be thankful for this year, so many blessings. We can't wait to see you!

Amanda said...

what a fun time! I love outdoor pictures! They are beautiful!