Monday, December 8, 2008


Yes...Camden's first official word is "out."
I wonder where he learned that word?
He never hears it from me...I swear! lol

"Out" accompanies his version of Mommy and Daddy ("mamamama" and "dadadada"). Since Camden amazed us with his first word, he's added "what" and "yes" to his vocabulary.
Only ten months old and he's already a little jabber-jaw!


Patty said...

All I can say is "Out" he's going to be a genius at a year!! i love his first words. i loved it when he said what??

Amanda said...

awww!! he is so amazing! well.. haha... just take heart in knowing that Eli barely says anything but this random jibberish!

Just Me said...

Ok, finally got to watch the video last night at home. TOO CUTE! We can't wait to see him & you guys too.