Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spoon Fed

Camden has always seemed to have an "I can do it myself" sort of mentality. He's independent, strong willed and stubborn. We're not sure where those last two traits came from. Although, Brian would be quick to say that it's me....but he'd be wrong! :) Ha! Ha!

Anyway...Camden got to a point where he would not eat without fighting you for the spoon. I understand him wanting to do it himself, but he didn't yet have the coordination or control to get the spoon or any of the food in his mouth without throwing a huge fit and making a mess. Thankfully, we were able to start introducing little finger foods. This gave him an opportunity to feed himself. The spoon and finger foods could live happily together...for the time being.
(messes and an occasional fit still included)

A few nights ago we were having mashed potatoes with our dinner. I loaded up his spoon with potatoes and offered him a bite. He pushed the spoon away and whined. I tried again with the same outcome. I finally decided to give him the spoon and let him make his normal mess when, to my surprise, he held clenched the spoon in his hand, raised it to his mouth and at the mashed potatoes off of the end. I gasped and then cheered. My baby was feeding himself with a spoon!

So, what did I do next?
I loaded up another spoon full and grabbed the camera.

He's such a big boy!
Surprisingly enough, there wasn't even that much of a mess to clean off of him after he was done. He's my little spoon fed boy now...or should I say, self-spoon fed boy? :)


Amanda said...

he's already feeding himself with a spoon???? oh my gosh! that's so awesome! Eli... umm.. totally the opposite...

★Susan★ said...

Well, obviously all it took was the deliciousness of mashed potatoes to give him the motivation to get it all in his mouth! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

And the power struggle at eating time begins, LOL. Have fun, he is such a big boy I miss him. Give him a hug and big kiss from me please.