Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Party Like a Rock Star

Okay, so not exactly like a rock star.
But who else has pre-birthday parties?

While back in Levelland for Christmas we had a birthday party for Camden. Happy eleven months and three days; to be exact. We wanted to share his one and only first birthday with our family that wouldn't be able to travel to Houston to celebrate with us in late January. And just for the record, I do know that all birthdays only happen once but the first is a little extra special.

Zak made an adorable Cookie Monster cookie cake for all of us grownups and an Elmo and Big Bird confetti cake for Camden. Camden was a little tentative about digging into his cake initially.
He started with just one little piece of frosting that he picked up with his thumb and first finger. He kept looking around at everyone like he was expecting us to tell him to stop.
After discovering that no one was going to do such a thing and that we were actually encouraging him to get messy, he decided to dig in. He wasn't near as messy as he has the potential to be but still managed to get cake in his hair and behind his ears.

It was such a fun event and I'm glad that we were able to share it with our friends and family back "home." I'm looking forward to having another party, this one to celebrate his real birthday, with our friends in Houston. More cake, gifts, balloons, friends, and a one year old.
I can't wait!!!


Whitney said...

I can't believe he's going to be one. Wow, time flies. Guess what... I am officially searching for houses in the Houston area. Do you know anything about Spring? That's close enough to the airport. You can be my Houston tour guide. It's so scary!

Just Me said...

Time does fly! I'm glad that you let us be a part of this birthday party and I'm sad that we can't be part of his REAL birthday. Miss you guys already! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BABY CAMDEN!

The Mellberg Family said...

Can you believe it. Already a year. Time fly when your having fun and exhausted.