Monday, March 22, 2010

A Big Boy Bed

Brian, Camden and I trekked across town to Ikea to pick out some furniture for Camden's new big boy room. We have visited what seems like countless furniture stores looking for just the right bed with out having spending a small fortune. Camden wanted a bunk bed.
After a lot of searching we decided on a shorter loft bed
with a super cute tent from Ikea.

After picking out what we wanted, loading up the boxes and heading home we got to work putting the bed together while Camden took a nap. This is what we started with:

We should have know we were in for a "fun" experience for two reasons. First, we went to Ikea to get furniture that we know has to be put together. Secondly, the first page of the wordless instructions looked like this:

After a couple of hours, a lot of frustration and a few choice words we finally started to make progress. Here is Brian pretending
to be happy that he's putting furniture together:

All in all the frustration was worth it because
Camden LOVES his new bed!
(which he won't actually sleep in until we finish the rest of his room)

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Patty said...

hahaha..i love the little "man" in the instructions!! I have never seen a loft bed before!!! Camden looks like he LOVES it!! Soo cool!