Monday, March 1, 2010

Back To The Blog and The Gym

To be honest I haven't been in a blogging mood recently. Between playing with Camden, school, running errands, homework, cleaning, laundry and being horribly nauseous the last thing I've wanted to do is think something cute to type to capture what was happening in pictures. That, and I haven't been as camera crazy as usual so there weren't too many pictures to post.

Well that is about to change. I want to make a better effort to put stuff up here again and have taken oodles of pictures to help me get started. we go:

A few months ago we started Camden at a new gym, AcroSports. The Little Gym that was close to our house closed which provided us the opportunity to try a new facility with my friend Katie and her son Jake. (or Jack, as Camden calls him) We took a trial class together and fell in love with the facility and the coaches. It was an
adjustment from The Little Gym, more so for me than Camden, but he loves it so we signed up for a weekly class.

Every Thursday we are rolling, jumping and swinging our way around the gym. Camden's favorite part is the rings, bar, trapeze or the trampoline. Basically anything he can swing and hang from or jump on.
Who knows...maybe we have a future Olympian in the family!?!

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