Monday, March 1, 2010

Roll Out The Play-Doh

Camden has a knack at turning the easiest mess free projects into a disaster area. The Crayola wonder products, while they do not show up on anything but their "special" paper, do still make large stiff spots on clothes, gunk up hair and leave your table and chairs forever sticky. After having one of those messy painting sessions where we ran out of paint because Camden insisted of using fist fulls to finger-paint.

Still needing a hands on activity to keep us both busy I reluctantly pulled out a small container of Play-Doh. I've always been hesitant of Play-Doh simply because it's impossible to get out of the carpet and, knowing Camden, it has the great possibility to end up there and everywhere else its not supposed to.

Long story short...Camden LOVES Play-Doh and has yet to smash it anywhere inappropriate but has taken a few bites and announced "It yucky!" after doing so. He's a master snake-maker and little ball rolling expert. Now Mommy is excited to find one of those little plastic dolls where the Play-Doh hair "grows" out of the top. LOL

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