Sunday, March 21, 2010

Parent's Weekend

My parents came into town this weekend for a short visit. We didn't do too much since it was Spring break which equals tons of people at any type of touristy place that you'd like to visit. Once exception we made to the "avoid the crowds" rule was to go to Kemah Boardwalk.

Traffic was crazy and the entire area was busier than I had ever seen it. We decided on an early dinner at T-Bone Tom's (what has to be one of my FAVORITE restaurants) before walking the boardwalk and rummaging through a few shops. We had a great time in what had to be near perfect weather.

Now for a quick random food comment.
This is a plate of small fried slices of heaven:

Fried Pickles!!
I'm not going to blame this craving on being pregnant since I loved them before, but they tasted even better than I remembered. I could go for a few right now...which I do blame on being pregnant. :)

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Amanda said...

Fried pickles are SOOOOO good! And T Bone Toms?? haha... I love the name of that!