Monday, March 29, 2010

13 Week Baby Update

I had my second doctor's appointment this afternoon. Both the baby and myself are doing well. I got to listen to the heartbeat which was beating at 160 beats per minute. I had time to ask several questions that were weighing on my mind about an induction and receiving an epidural. (Both of which we experience with Camden) I haven't felt the baby move just yet but have been told that within the next few weeks I could start feeling him move around.

Yes...I said him. At our ultrasound a few weeks ago the sonogram tech (I'm not sure that is really what their title is but it sounds good to me) thought that it would be a boy and gave us an 80% chance that he was right. After going to my doctor today she said that she hasn't had any of her patients get a wrong gender from the office that did the ultrasound. We'll know "for sure" on April 30th when they do the official gender screening but have already started throwing around boy names. Maybe we'll pick a few girl's names too...just in case.

I have another appointment in four weeks so stay tuned!

On a random note:
Camden says that we should name the baby "sister."

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Christine said...

So happy to hear everything is going well! Now I can say him in my posts. I have been trying to be so careful. Gotta love Camden's name for him!