Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Masterpiece

I made a trip to the craft store earlier this week to pick up a few things for teacher thank you gifts. While I was there I was skimmed the sale isle and dollar deals. This tiny printed canvas was amongst the goodies so I picked one up for Camden to color. I knew if we got the paint out that the activity would last all of two minutes while he covered the entire canvas with one color of paint so I opted for markers instead. He concentrated so hard to to color inside the little details and circles. After a quite a few minutes of intense concentration he decided coloring in the lines required too much effort so he went wild with the markers. After posing for a picture with his new work of art, we proudly displayed his colorful fire engine on his bookshelf in his room.

The experience, sense of pride and new artwork in his room was definitely worth the whole dollar I spent on the canvas.

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Patty said...

You can soo see how much he is proud of his artwork in his eyes!! That is too preciuos and oh ...SLUGBUG no slug backs!! HA!!!
thanks for posting, it is always fun to read your blog..i need to be a better blogger!!