Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of Year Chapel

Today was Camden's last day of school for the Spring semester. Since it was their last chapel of the semester the parents were invited to see each class sing a special song they had prepared. This was Camden's first group performance so I was ready and waiting with the video camera to capture what I was sure would be a memorable performance. I'll give you fair warning; there is no singing involved on Camden's part but the event is definitely memorable.

After chapel Brian and I joined Camden and his class for lunch.
These are a few more memories captured from the day:

Camden with his teachers
Miss Ashley and Miss Christina


Anna said...

Oh my goodness, Amanda, he is so cute!

Christine said...

The kids and I watched this together and they loved seeing Camden. Kiera kept saying thats my cousin. He is adorable and I love how he spotted you and was so excited to show everyone his mommy! I think it was great performance by him!