Thursday, May 27, 2010

And The Gold Medal Goes To...

(and all of the other kids in his class)

A slight disclaimer before you read on:
I do not claim to be a human tripod or have an eye for spectacular angels therefor, I'll apologize in advance for my cinematography skills. I have found out how easily it is to copy files from our video camera so I may go a little overboard for a bit.

Now, on the the actual blog that illustrates the title...

Today was Camden's last gymnastic class of the semester.
After playing with his classmates and practicing all of the skills he's learned throughout the semester each child was called to the podium decorated with balloons and received a gold medal.

Camden was so proud and had the biggest smile on his face when Coach Stephanie gave him his medal. He said "I have a medal Mommy! They gave me a medal! Its my medal!"

And do you know what?
His Mommy and Daddy are pretty darn proud too!!

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