Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arts and Crafts

In an effort to escape the heat and keep ourselves entertained while inside, Camden and I have broken out the box of markers, jumbo coloring pages and a few old socks and got crafty.

We started off by shredding an old t shirt which we stuffed into one of Brian's old tube socks to make a snake. Once we had our little snake stuffed we got busy decorating. After all, who likes a plain white sock snake? Camden was proud of his work and even took
his new little critter to bed with him that night.

His name, you might ask... Mr. Snake.
Camden is always so creative when it comes to naming.

Our coloring adventures didn't stop there...

We broke out a coloring page from Camden's Cars coloring book and accented his beautifully colored picture with foam stickers.

Once he was finished coloring and decorating we had quite
the work of art on our hands.

The only problem, where to display all of these masterpieces.

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