Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Reading Basket

One of my graduate professors told us a story about a reading teacher she had when she was in elementary school. This particular teacher had an old claw foot bathtub filled with pillows that she would let the kids climb into while read. Later, both of her children had the same teacher and all recounted vivid memories of loving to read in this enormous tub. Her point to the story was to make reading special, exciting and a memorable event in your children or student's lives. She said that she fell in love with reading because of that
teacher and her claw foot tub.

No claw foot tub was involved in Camden's reading today
but a laundry basket full of books was.

Brian and I have always made it a point to read to Camden multiple times a day. He has been read to daily since shortly after he was born and has a small library that would rival most child care centers. He'll bring us books and ask us to read them over and over again. Recently, he's decided that rather than being read to
that he can read on his own.

Normally he's pretty camera shy if I try to catch him in the act but I managed to be sneaky and filmed him reading to himself while cozy in the laundry basket. I will confess that his stories are not elaborate nor do they make any sense but it melts my heart to see him be so entertained and excited about books.

Perhaps one day he'll recount fond memories of us reading together on the couch, snuggled on his bed or even in the laundry basket.

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