Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tumble Time

Today brought to close a small little chapter in Camden's life. It was his last day at tumbling. It was his last class of the summer
session and will be his last for the year as well.

Since he's still under the age of three and attends a "Mommy & Me" which means most of the spotting, wrangling and chasing is done by me. Thanks to the increasing size of my belly, the ability to stretch, roll and run around with him in the gym is difficult to say the least.

We've decided, that even though we both love going each week, that it will be much easier on me if we take a short break until after Deegan is born. (which will be in six short weeks!!) Not that tumbling is in our future directly after he's born, I'm not sure if I could chase Camden around with a newborn strapped to my chest. Although I bought a super comfy infant wrap that I'm very excited to try out once he's here.

Anyway...we're taking a little hiatus from tumbling until the Spring semester when Camden will be three and old enough to go to the Mighty Munchkin class by himself. *tear* I can't believe my baby boy is almost old enough to leave his mommy behind to
watch from the parent observation area.

Camden's class was full of all the usual tumbling fun: front rolls, stretching, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the rings, kicks, jumping in the foam pit, cartwheels and balancing on the beams.
Class concluded with each child receiving a medal.

Brian and I are so proud of Camden, our little gymnast!

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Seeker said...

aw, he's such a cute little tumbler!!