Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"I Hate It Here!"

That's what I'll jokingly say to Brian when I'm confronted with the unrelenting hot and humid summer heat. Houston isn't exactly known for its wonderful summer weather. Although the rest of the year has amazing weather that almost makes suffering
through the summer worth it.

We've been spending the least amount of time possible outside. Yes, it makes for long days and a tired Mommy who is continually trying to entertain a very active two and a half year old but I really can't stand to be outside in the heat. I'll blame it on being pregnant rather
than the fact that I just hate the heat.

I made an exception this morning and we headed out to the back yard right after breakfast. I'm sure it was already in the 90's but we used the hose to cool off a bit. Camden had a blast running around and soaking everything with the water hose but didn't complain when I
said we needed to go inside to cool off.

How many weeks (more realistically-months) until
Fall and the cooler weather?

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